Metaphysical Anatomy™ Level 1 Workshop

Eva Zetkova
Have you ever wondered why we get sick or feel pain? If you are interested in the bigger picture and how this knowledge can help you influence these areas of your life, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) can offer answers to your questions.
MAT by Evette Rose is a self development technique based on releasing trauma. It sees all of our pain and discomfort as a sign of trauma that is still active in the body. The body is trying to heal and uses pain to show us that something needs improvement. MAT offers tools that allow body to release trauma in a gentle and effective manner – and along with it the pain that the trauma led to.

Join us for over 16 hours packed with information and exercises! Among other things, we’ll be covering:

⚫ What is trauma and how to release it
⚫ How we form negative associations with positive actions
⚫ How foreign energy or energy of other people influences our well being, how to recognize it and how to release it
⚫ Breathing and visualization techniques that allow you to access your body’s full healing potential
⚫ Tools and exercises for releasing limiting views that no longer serve you
⚫ Healing self sabotage (how mind resists healing)
⚫ Different ways in which your intuition speaks to you
⚫ Process of disconnecting from people – on energetic and karmic level
⚫ Parts work – how to work with inner conflict and opposing tendencies within yourself

Workshop is hosted by Eva Zetkova and David Weidemann, certified MAT teachers, in ENGLISH.

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What is Metaphysical Anatomy?

We hope to see you there!
Much love, Eva and David

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