Drawing and Painting in English

The course focuses on the basics of drawing and painting, following the traditional approach to teaching the facts by studying a free formation, based on own imagination. During the course, students are introduced to basic art techniques and themes (discusses the pencil drawing, angle, vermilion and gradually transferred to painting - pastel, watercolor, acrylic or oil). Our students learn to know the basics of building image, composition, color composition, in order to achieve artistic expression. At the same time, he became acquainted with the art science, we try to look into the development of fine art and encourage to try to build on current art trends.

Studying in the first semester is spread over several blocks:

Drawing Still Life (Fine introduction to drawing techniques, try pencil, charcoal, chalk, ink)
study of architectural space (interior and exterior painting, perspective. proportions)
Figure Drawing (portrait, figure)
painting (color theory, picture composition, techniques, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil)
drawing in the open air
combined techniques (individual's own creation)

As a studio we pay attention to the careful selection of our teachers, we focus on the artistic work of trainers, personal experience cannot be read, while teachers accept empathetic, intelligent and positive attitude not only to painting and drawing. The relationship between the teacher and the student is the foundation on which we build. We believe that a nice creative atmosphere in the studio is an important element contributing to awaken your creativity. Property composition of objects and focus are governed by individual artistic program leading trainer, our lecturers are significant personalities and time spent alongside them can be very inspiring for you.

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